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Pati TA di sinasagot. PUTANGINA

Sorry ka ng sorry pero pinapairal pa rin niya pride niya.

Hindi lahat ng mga lalake manloloko at hindi lahat ng mga babae loyal.

Sa sobrang kapal ng lipstick ni ate, nagmukhang flappy bird. Huehue. 

Goodevening, Ang init parin :( 

Mga tao sa net, Minsan nakakainis. Minsan Okay lang.
akoaysuperhero :  Hi koys! Thanks sa follow. :)

Welcome! :) 


No matter how long or what we’ve been through, I always feel that ‘first time feelings’. It is like everyday is a brand new day. It feels like it is always our first time; first hi, first goodmorning, first :*, first i love yous, first goodnight, first secret, first joke, etc. The spark never went away, nor flickered out. It keeps on getting bright.. Brighter.. And brighter.. At a setup like this, it seems like our love is way too impossible. But look? We have stayed this long and reached this far, haven’t we proved them wrong already? We’re close enough to that exact point. I can feel it, do you feel it too?

You have made me feel grand. I cannot find those exact words to define how thankful I am to have you in my life. No matter how painful I’ve been through, it’s all worth it.

Thanks for being there 24/7,
For laughing at my corny jokes,
For listening to my stories,
For wiping away the tears,
For understanding me when no one else does,
For caring and protecting,
And most of all,
For loving me.

Sorry if I’m shitty sometimes, you know what I mean. I guess it’s just the aftermath of last year’s yaknow. But I’ve been feeling well already. I’m over it. Sorry, okay?

I suck at words. But yeah, so let me tell you this. I am not like them. I won’t leave you just like what they did. Don’t ever forget how much I love you, okay?

I love you so much, to the other galaxies and back. Forever is a shit, but who cares? Shit happens anyway.

Happy 1 year and 2 months Di :”) I love you.

(kelegs) Yass, Happy 14th :”> I love youuu so much <3 

Kung mahal mo siya, iiwasan mo ang mga bagay na maaring ikasakit sakanya.


Salamat nak! Uwi sa bahay may pancit! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ge


Hi bae, happy monthsary!!!!! Happy 14th monthsary :”“”) Eh kasi kinikilig ako, parehas tayong likeeyy likeyyy yung MAGCON Hahahahaha e tutal si Cameron din bet mo edi inisketch ko. Hehhe 2/3 pa lang yan. Tapos na yung una. Bukas na yung last na pakeme. Hahahaha. :”“)

I love you so much boogums :’) Happy 1 year and 2 months :*

Poge ko jan, dejoke :”> Huheuhue Happy monthsaryyy baby ko. <3 I love you more!! :*

Kaya nga Anon blogger eh. tas maghahanap ka ng picture nya?

Tanga ka ba?

Happy monthsary baby! 1year and 2months na, i love you so much. :”> sergeantninja 


i don’t understand myself either

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